The largest island in the world, Greenland is dominated by a massive icecap, and has about it an unrivalled rugged splendor that leaves the visitor


GreenlandThe largest island in the world, Greenland is dominated by a massive icecap, and has about it an unrivalled rugged splendor that leaves the visitor spellbound.

Greenland is home to a hardy Inuit population of 56,000, spread sparsely along the east and west coasts. These charming and hospitable people continue to live a traditional life of fishing and sealing in what is one of the world’s harshest but most beautiful environments.

The beauty of the country’s natural wilderness, combined with the Inuit cultural experience, may very well mean that your visit to Greenland will rank as one of your most cherished memories.

Kulusuk island

Kulusuk island is situated west of the entrance to Ammassalik fjord. In the area around the fjord is the main settlement of the Ammassalik Eskimos, who were unknown to the rest of the world until 1884. Now more than 2,000 Greenlanders live in the Ammassalik district, earning their living by fishing and seal hunting.

The little village of Kulusuk, situated on the island of Ammassalik, is the only populated area of the entire east coast. Here you will have the opportunity to experience firsthand the ancient Inuit culture, best reflected in the beautiful craftsmanship of the carvings done in tusk and bone.

The island is relatively small so hiking from the airport to the village won’t take more than 40 minutes. The walk takes you across the Arctic tundra carpeted in Arctic flowers and glacier buttercups, or you can hike straight up the hill to a mountain lake before descending to the town.
Don’t miss the beautiful cemetery, which is festooned with plastic flowers and set against a stark and icy Arctic landscape.

In former times Kulusuk Island was the most inhabited area in Ammassalik district, due to the good fishing and hunting ground around the island. In 1930, 165 people inhabited Kulusuk, compared to Tasiilaq’s 112. Today 302 lives in Kulusuk making the settlement the 2nd largest in Ammassalik after Kuummiut.

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Greenland day tour

The tour starts in Reykjavik Iceland

Kulusuk – Day tour to East Greenland.
Dogsleding in GreenlandWe take off from Reykjavík Airport with our knowledgeable guides who inform us during the two-hour flight about the exciting day that lies ahead. On arrival at Kulusuk, we are escorted by our guides for a 30-minute walk down to the village itself, with short stops en route to take in the magnificent scenery. There is time to stroll around the village itself, purchase hand made craft articles or even strike up an acquaintance with some of Kurusu’s 360 inhabitants. Weather permitting, we see a demonstration of kayak rowing and the ancient drum dance which disappeared a long time ago on Greenland’s west coast but is still kept alive by a few people on
the east coast.
On our return flight to Reykjavík we enjoy a spectacular view over Ammassalik village and its neighborhood where the scenery is magnificent and huge glaciers and floating icebergs can be seen. Finally we are given a certificate as well as a stamp in our passports acknowledging our visit to Kulusuk.


Coming to Ammassalik you enter the very heart of East Greenland’s exceptional beauty, and one of the most beautiful and unspoiled arctic areas in the world. The awesome landscape has no parallel in the entire arctic. A mosaic of steep, dramatic mountains, countless lakes, streams and rivers, waterfalls, glaciers and green valleys. Ammassalik radiates a purity, which has overwhelmed and fascinated visitors throughout time.

The remoteness and isolation of Ammassalik have always defined our district as one of the outposts of civilization. Well, it actually still is. Of course much has changed since I was a child, and today we’re part of the world community; but like always nature is having the final word.

Outside the city of Tasiilaq and the five settlements you’ll only find very few signs of people living here, though the Inuit have been here for centuries. Due to the climate and landscape there is no infrastructure outside Tasiilaq and the settlements. In the wintertime the local transportation is by helicopter, skidoos and dogsleds. In the summertime it’s by speedboats and helicopter.

Being just south of the Polar Circle, you’ll find the climate in Ammassalik surprisingly comfortable. Summers are generally warm and dry. Winters are relatively mild with lots of snow. Summer days are long with just a few hours of dusk. Winter days are short, and the perfect time for experiencing the Northern Lights.

In March and April dog sledge trip is possible, also sailing. Sailing is then possible during summer

Then we offer 2 days tour, where people have more time to look around. That is without a guide unless specially ordered

Other options in Greenland.

During summer: Fishing tours, hiking trips, reindeer hunting.

All summer: Combination of Kulusuk and Ammasalik, then you fly in helicopter between those villages. 2 nights.

There is English speaking guide in the day tours, but we can bring in gudes that speak other languages, but he has to be paid for especially since he is not based in Greenland (hotel, flight and salary). Then for the 2 day tour, there is no guide unless brought in.

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