Best of Iceland in 9 days

Day 1 Afternoon arrival. Day 2 Hallgrímskirkja We will see the tallest building in Iceland. Hallgrímskirkja church and the big statue in front of

Best of Iceland in 9 days

Day 1

Afternoon arrival.

Day 2

We will see the tallest building in Iceland. Hallgrímskirkja church and the big statue in front of the church of Leif Ericson, the Icelandic Viking that discovered America long time before Columbus. We will see the National museum which is the most impressive museum in Iceland, among other things has Viking remains and gives you good idea of the Icelandic history. We will take a look at the harbour with all its ships.

We will drive from Reykjavik to Akureyri in the North about 400 km this day.
We will drive along the cost, pass several towns and see different landscape. We will go to Skagafjordur fjord which is most famous for horses and river rafting. Also for the island of Drangey, where our most famous Viking used to live. This island is fantastic, high cliffs, birds, often seals around it. We will see Glaumbær museum. It is and old farm in fact and show you how the Icelanders used to live. We end the day in Akureyri, the most beautiful town in Iceland. Stay in Akureyri town.

Day 3

Tour around Akureyri town, Hlíðarfjall ski area, go into the lifts high up and enjoy the view. Then way to Myvatn.

On the way we will see the waterfall Godafoss (waterfall of the Viking goods)

Botanical garden in Akureyri-Northern most botanical garden in Europe in Akureyri, one of Iceland most beautiful park. Take a walk in the old town where they can see the colourful houses. We will go the Christmas house open all year around, very popular for tourists. We stay in Myvatn area.

The Lake Myvatn, pseudo-craters in Skutusstadir, Krafla Mountain, volcano Viti(means hell), Hverir, Grotagja, Dimmuborgir. Craters, lava fields. Fantastic place, active geothermal area ,like nothing you have ever seen. There is smoke and hot mud bubbling coming up from the earth and hot natural lagoon. This area is something of a mystic place. The American astronauts did practise here before going to the moon. Entrance to Myvatn Nature Bath in the lagoon, geothermal natural pool in the steaming nature, like nothing you have seen.

Day 4

We drive from Myvatn east towards fjords, we will see waterfall Dettifoss and Asbyrgi and Hljöðaklettar.

This is the most powerful waterfall in Europe, the power is enormous. Dettifoss waterfall the most powerful waterfall in Europe a magnificent sight. The power is immense. It is 44 meters high 100 meters wide. During summer 200,000 litters of water per second rush down into the river below. We stay in Myvatn area.

Day 5

We will drive to Víti/Askja magical place, which means hell, it is a big crater with a lake at the bottom of it. It is 30 degrees hot and incredible place to visit. It is a must to take a bath there. We need to walk about 3 km. Drekagil canyon, a beautiful canyon we will walk into, high cliffs on both sides. We will see Krepputunga huge lava fields.

Stay in Svartiskógur close to Egilsstaðir.

Day 6

We drive down to the magnificent fjords, pass several of them such as Reydarfjordur and Djupivogur. These are small fishing town’s names after the fjords. We will see the small fishing boats, harbour and we will try to enter a fish factory to see how the typical Icelandic fishing industry is.. We will then see famous Stone museum of Petra in Stöðvarfjörður, this is a bonus. This is the biggest stone museum privately owned in the world, about 20 thousand people come there every year. The museum has stones from all over east part of Iceland, collected over 70 years.

This part of the country was affected by French sailors, who used to come there a lot. You still see some French look when looking at the people. We will drive along the coast to Höfn, this same day we will see wild seals on the beach. They are in certain areas in groups close to Höfn we will take a look at them.

Day 7

We are now in Vatnajokull area, biggest glacier in Europe, where 2 James Bond movies have been made, we will see the highest mountain in Iceland and Jökulsár lón-glacier lagoon. As well as Skaftafell national park, the biggest one in Iceland. It is located right under the glacier. Vik town on the south coast with huge waves, black desert. The landscape goes from a glacier to desert. You will have chance to see something you can hardly see anywhere else the glacier lagoon-Jökulsár lón. Waterfalls of Skógarfoss and Seljalandsfoss. We will try to see glacier cave, depends on the weather situation.

Fjallsárlón lagoon, bird heaven. Few people come there, very quiet area where you can hear birds sing and see beautiful lagoon.

Stay in Hotel Hvolsvöllur .

Day 8

We see beautifull waterfalls like Gullfoss waterfall which is the most beautiful waterfall in Iceland and the second biggest waterfall in Iceland. The power is gigantic. Not far away is Geyser from these natural phenomena all geysers in the world are named after.

It is incredible to see hot water burst from the earth and rush with a great power high up in the sky. We will pass Thingvellir national park a park of spectacular beauty. Here you can put one foot in Europe and the other in N-America. You can see where the land is drifting a part. This used to be active volcanic area. This is the area where the oldest parliament in the world was established. Here the Vikings gathered and settled their matters.

We will see caves where one of the first settlers in Iceland lived in, called Papar. They where Irish monks.

We end the day in the Blue Lagoon. Stay in Reykjavik
Blue Lagoon, the Geothermal blue water where one can swim in outside. Blue Lagoon which communicates world of healing power, wellness and beauty, is founded on a unique source of geothermal seawater that originates in Iceland’s extreme environment. The heart of Blue Lagoon’s operation is at the Blue Lagoon, Iceland’s most unique and popular attraction. Guests enjoy bathing and relaxing in Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater, known for its positive effects on the skin. A visit to the spa promotes harmony between body, mind and spirit, and enables one to soak away the stresses of modern life.

The spa’s guests rekindle their relationship with nature, soak up the scenic beauty and enjoy breathing the clean, fresh air In addition to bathing in the lagoon guests have access to a sauna with a view of the lagoon, a steam bath with white walls that resemble silica mud and a cosy steam bath carved into a lava cave. Guests can also stand beneath a Blue Lagoon waterfall for an energizing massage. Of course, guests bathing in the milky waters of the lagoon have easy access to the famous white silica mud, an essential part of the spa experience. A selection of Blue Lagoon in-water spa treatments and massages are available. They take place in the lagoon, and the fresh air and natural surroundings enhance the feeling of wellness. The steamy/smoky area creates mystic atmosphere that is not found in other places. Stay the night in Reykjavík

Day 9


Trip information:

Min passengers: 10
Duration: 9 days
Operation Time: End of june - end of august
Price: Contact us for Price

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