Glacier Ride

We will pick you up from Reykjavík and take the fast route to the Langjökull glacier, making  short stops at our rafting base camp and the Gullfoss

Glacier Ride – Snow Mobile Day Tour from Gullfoss

We will pick you up from Reykjavík and take the fast route to the Langjökull glacier, making 
short stops at our rafting base camp and the Gullfoss waterfall before entering the Icelandic Highlands. Arriving at our mobile glacier base camp we will gear you up in warm glacier overalls, gloves and helmets. The specially trained glacier guides will then show you how to safely operate the snowmobiles on the glacier before going for a great one-hour tour on the glacier. Langjökull is Iceland’s second biggest glacier; it is several enormous ice filled volcanic craters, rimmed in by imposing volcanoes and set in the breathtaking Icelandic interior. The views from the flanks of Langjökull are quite staggering. You will see the steep Eiríksjökull glacier, the highest mountain in west Iceland, the dome shaped Hofsjökull glacier
in middle of the highlands along with the Kerlingafjöll Mountain range. The Glacier Ride is a 
scenic and fun glacier tour, easily available from Reykjavík every day during summer.

Driving Directions:
If you are driving yourself you have to be at the Gullfoss Waterfall upper parking lot 15 min
before your departure time to meet your guide for the tour. Driving from Reykjavík takes
around 90-110 min to the Gullfoss, driving non stop at the maximum speed rate of 90 km per
hour. If you intend to visit the Golden Circle with all its amazing sites before meeting your
guide at 12:30 at Gullfoss, you will have leave Reykjavík no later then 8:00 AM. 

There are two ways to reach the Gullfoss Waterfall here are the directions: 

Express Route: Drive road no. 1 east from Reykjavík (the direction of Hveragerði). Once
you are passed Hveragerði take a left turn just before the town of Selfoss and drive up road
no. 35 (direction Geysir). Drive road no. 35 for approx. 50 min until you reach the
intersection of road no. 35 and road no. 37, turn right and keep driving road no. 35. You will
pass Geysir hot springs and keep driving with out making any turns and arrive at the upper
parking lot at the Gullfoss waterfall 15 minutes later.

Golden Circle Route: Drive road no. 1 north from Reykjavík, just outside Mosfellsbær
suburb take a right turn up road no. 36 (direction Þingvellir). Drive to Þingvellir National Park
and make a sight seeing stop there. From Þingvellir keep driving road no. 36 for 10 minutes
until you make a left turn up road no. 365 (direction Laugavatn). Drive for 25 minutes until
you reach an intersection at the town of Laugavatn, take a left turn up road no. 37. Drive for
25 minutes until you reach Geysir hot springs; make a stop there for sightseeing. From Geysir
drive towards the highlands on road no. 35 (road no. 37 becomes road no. 35 just before
Geysir) for 10 minutes with out making any turns. Arrive at the Gullfoss Waterfall upper
parking lot and meet your guide.

Disclaimer: All glacier and adventure trips are undertaken on the responsibility of its 
participants. Arctic Adventures does not assume any responsibility for accidents that are 
caused by its customers or can be traced to there own actions. Participants have to sign a waiver before undertaking all trips stating that they realize that all outdoor activities carry an
inherit risk.

Trip information:

Min passangers: 1
Trip difficulty: 2 of 5
Operation Time: Mai - August
Price: Contact us for Price

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